Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitz

He has been a DAAD long-term lecturer on Universitas Gadjah Mada since 2018 and also an adjunct professor at University of Göttingen (Jerman). He got the habilitation (qualification to teach at professorial level) in the fields of public law (including European law) and comparison of laws in 2001 after completing his post-doctoral studies at the University of Gottingen. His scientific focus is constitutional law,administrative law, comparison of laws, and legal terminology and multilingual communication in public law and European law. 

Latest Research and Publication Including

  • Innenansicht des europäischen Verfassungsrechts?, in: Christian v. Bar/Yu-Cheol Shin/ Michael Stolleis (editors.), Innenansichten des deutschen und ostasiatischen Rechts, 2021, p. 129 – 162

  • The general principles of European Union law – a source of inspiration for the development of a modern administrative law in the Republic of Moldova, Administrarea Publică 2017, No. 1 (93), 26